After yesterday's glorious sunshine today the rains returned. This means I am cabined up of course with two deranged cats.Their favourite game this morning is going out on short adventures and see which one can get the wettest and muddiest,up to now Zazzles is winning.
As for myself not fancying joining in I decided it was a good time to sort the freezer out. Read that bit again Jenny, time to do yours.
When the upright freezer threw a wobbler I just piled the stuff from there into the chest freezer so it was badly needing a tidy.
I removed everything and sorted out the odds and ends that would not make a meal for two.I am having the findings for meals for the next three days while Ellen is out of town at a funeral.
I have a home made steak pie,4 chicken drumsticks,some half empty bags of veg (perfect for soup) some Carte Dor ice cream, an individual apple pie that will marry up perfectly with the ice cream and 4 off cut lamb chops for a casserole.That will make room in the freezer and sort some tasty meals for me.
Now the food is back in the freezer and all is Shipshape and Bristol fashion.
I will give you a piece of useless information about that saying

The saying in today's form has been recorded as early as 1840 ("shipshape" alone being about 200 years older). The term developed most likely in view of the port of Bristol which had (before the Floating Harbour was constructed) a very high tidal range of 13 metres (43ft), the second highest in the world.Ships moored in this area would be aground at low tide and, because of their keels, would fall to one side. If everything was not stowed away tidily, or tied down, the results were chaotic and cargo could be spoiled.
Ok Lesson over off you go and no running in the corridors