After the rain yesterday we have sunshine again today.There is a cold wind blowing so it was time to don the big coat, the Benny hat with the flaps and beat a path to mother's door.The visibility is not as clear as it was Sunday and no point in walking over the big climb so I cut through to the reservoir in the hope of spotting some early winter visitors.No arrivals yet,I guess the weather must be still mild in the more northerly climes. The old girl is on good form and found me a couple of jobs to do while we chatted over a brew.There was no family news of significance to report so it was just a general catch up.When we parted she had no jobs or errands for me which is unusual,of course she could have forgotten something.
Back home again and the cats came bounding down the stairs to greet me as always.I had a look round for dead birds,mice,or any debris they may have dragged in,it is always wise to check these things as the cats were racing round the garden looking for mischief when I left.
Fed and watered they wandered off again leaving the house nice and peaceful,for now at least.Time for lunch, a warming bowl of the veg soup I made with the freezer left overs and odds,that should hit the spot with crusty bread.
Catch you soon