A glorious November day here today so it was a nice stroll over to town.The first snow is on the tops that and the clear sky are sure signs we will have frost tonight

Some of the ales I buy have interesting histories.
Shepherd Neame Brewers syarted in1698 make some fine examples.
This is the tale ot Bishop's finger named after an ancient Kentish signpost found on the Pilgrims Way pointing to Canterbury and the shrine of Thomas Becket
It was first brewed in 1958 to celebrate the ending of austerity after the war. It was the brewery's first strong beer made to celebrate after over 20 years of malt rationing in the wartime cuts.A lot of the things rationed in the war continued on ration well into the fifties.
If you want to know more about Thomas Becket, saint and martyr click the link.

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