Sunday morning shopping as usual and a nice surprise when I got home.I had mentioned yesterday that I would have to shampoo the carpet.By the time I got home Ellen had vacuumed the living room and kitchen,washed the paintwork down and dusted in the living room.

She then started on the carpet and not satisfied with the way the Vax was doing it changed to the old fashioned way,on hands and knees and only using the Vax to rinse and dry it. The carpet has come up like new

I did see two rather confusing road signs while I was in town

and also
bought some more of the bottled beer,I have added the photos to my Beer album.

Time to watch some rugby now before I start dinner,today it is a chicken crown with rough mash and sprouts smothered in onion gravy followed by apple crumble with Ambrosia Devon custard