It is a much cooler morning here with the temps hovering at 44f and feeling colder in a brisk easterly. I have nothing to get only a loaf of bread so a quick trip to the corner shop and I will be back cabined up for the day.These colder days take a little acclimatizing to,my winter walking gear will be out very soon.

The change in weather the last few days has'nt affected the cats adventures they are away on one at the moment. Of course they have a nice fur coat to keep them warm,They are getting a little tardy at getting up in the morning mind,taking an extra hour of so in bed.
I am not expecting much to happen today,dinner is sorted in my head,chicken and pasta but I am going to make a soup to simmer away.There will be enough for a couple of days,what will be in it depends on what I can find in the leftover or needs using up department,I know there are a couple of carrots and a swede that have been lying around for a while so that will be a start. I think there are some green beans and half a pack of stir fry oriental veg in the freezer that need using so I have plenty of ingredients. I will bake some crusty buns for dunking in the soup.
That's me off to the shop and the assembling the soup and baking buns,catch you soon