Jenny rang me last night,she rang earlier than normal because she wanted an early night and she was tired.She will tell you the tales of her holiday when she comes back on line so I won't steal her thunder suffice to say she had a grand time.

A dark dismal day here the cold mornings have started and the heating has kicked in,it will be a long time before nice warm mornings return but that is what we are used to.
Today I am going to round up my winter clothes it won't be long before warm jacket,gloves, hat and walking boots are needed for a stroll.It is 54f now a lot warmer than 7 am but this will be as good as it gets.

Another thing I need to break out of storage is my large saucepan which will contain soups for the winter,one pan will give us 4 or 5 nice warming lunches mostly my fridge/freezer soups.This is where I raid the fridge and freezer for any left overs that can be used,a little stock and a few herbs or barley and lentils added depending on what leftovers I find then Hey Presto the jobs a gud 'un.
Today is carry out Saturday I think mine will be a curry.