I have a big job over the next couple of days.Now the sun is getting lower in the sky my work place is in the sun most of the day which while nice is uncomfortable. I am moving to my winter set up which I do every year.This means changing furniture around to move my table and everything on and under it along the wall a few feet.It is in need of a good sort out anyway as you can see,

I don't normally let it get so untidy. Care needed with my glass back so it's steady rather than rapid progress and if the cats help which they tend to it will be slow work. I don't know how long it will take but I hope to be set up by mid morning because small bits can be moved into boxes tonight ready for the move.

I caught up with Pearl on Skype today,she has been sadly missed,lots of catching up to do. Pearl was one of the first to welcome me when I came on line in the old 360 days and was a great help in drumming things like url codes (so I could put a clock on my top page) into my thick head as well as being a good friend. Thanks old girl.

With Skype as with Messenger just because I'm showing not there doesn't mean I'm not there because I am always flitting in and out doing other things, best bet to find out is to send me a Skype text. I might be in between things and not have time for a video chat you see but maybe long enough to answer a text.
Off to box stuff ,back later