Just about 9:30 I finished moving my work station to it's winter berth.I would have finished earlier but I had two cats helping me. they are now both stretched put in the garden exhausted by their efforts which mostly consisted of clambering into the boxes I had the small looose stuff in and sitting on any larger items I wanted to move.

It's the first school day after he summer break and a steady stream of the little angels were passing through earlier. the small ones in little groups with three or four mother's hearding them along.The very first school day for many of course but they all go to nursery or pre-school nowadays so it's not completely new.
I found the biggest change was in going to big school as we called it. I had been to a small RC church school as had most catholic children,there was a school attatched or nearby every church I think. I left this little school of around 60 pupils where nuns and the parish priest had a big say in things to a modern school with around 600 pupils and not a nun or priest in sight,or a church come to that. The new school had science labs and purpose built rooms for woodwork and metal work,a separate room for Art and one for the girls where they taught cooking,sewing etc.On the sports side there was a huge gymnasium,tennis courts, and a sports field. We had never seen the like of it before.
Time for a brew before I start puttng all the little bits back in my pigeon holes and the photos back on the glass stand,hopefully without any feline help. Catch you soon