A cloudy day again but with a hint of things brightening up. I thought to wander off for a while and headed for the beach.The choice was down Carr Lane up Thorny Nook and back along the shoreline,(3 miles)or North to the golf course and back home VIA the Co-op.(2 miles) I wanted to some new spuds and theirs are the best on the island,apart from home grown of course.I chose the golf course route and passing Carr Lane crossed the road and I spotted Black Combe fighting to get through low cloud,the cloud won in the end and the combe disappeared.

The Irish sea was a little frisky today.

I spotted this vessel stranded with everything stripped from her,how she landed up here I don't know she is too far from the sea for that to play a part,so she either came ashore and the fishermen moved her out of the way or somebody dumped her.

A little way along the beach I spotted some Oyster catchers on the shoreline,there are a couple of what might be Plovers with them,it's hard to tell from this distance.

Just before I left I spotted this fella doing a little beach casting,there are plenty of Sea Bass around so he is in with a chance but I think his attention was more on the large wave bearing down on him. I didn't notice this until I downloaded the photos or I would have hung about for the outcome.
Instead I turned for home,picked the spuds up and was caught by the alluring aroma of the pie shop.I stopped there and liberated a steak pie for lunch before finally heading home.
A pleasant little walk in poor weather.Catch you soon,housework to do.

A follow up to yesterday's blog.
There seem to be phobias for everything,there is even a phobia for fear of phobias it's called Phobophobia