After yesterday's exertions I had decided today would be a rest day,no walks,no gardening just relaxing and thinking up a recipe for making a one dish wonder for dinner which I find very relaxing as I do with all cooking.
Well all this is going to happen if I like it or nor. I awoke to wet streets and equally wet cats,they had obviously enjoyed a romp in the rain although it had stopped when I came down at 6:45. Fed and watered the cats shot off again and I fed the birds and had breakfast watching them from the window.Around 7:15 I heard a distant rumble of thunder and a few minutes later another only much closer. A few minutes later still sheet lightning lit up the slate grey sky followed by an enormous clap of thunder,this in turn was followed by Zazzles running like the devil was on his tail for the safety of home,then a really heavy downpour hit. The firework display passed overhead moving slowly inland and 15 minutes later all was quiet and the rain stopped as suddenly as it started but I think there is more to come. A few moments passed and then over the wall came Sooty,he ambled up the path I opened the door to greet him and found apart from his lower legs he was dry,smart kitty has a dry den out there somewhere.
Today is cooler and fresher,the oppressive heat and humidity have gone. The cats moved very little yesterday,Zazzles spent his day it the fruit bushes

and Sooty under the Buddleia bush.

Hopefully the rainwater will bring more blooms,time will tell. This pretty flower appeared today.

Time for a brew then I will catch up on your news.