You may remember in the years BC ( before cats) I had a bird bath and feeder on a pedestal.Well that had to go and I bought the high rise version,this works fine but of course there is only a dish big enough for drinking water. The birds really need a bath not only in this warm weather but all year round to keep their feathers in trim. This problem has been bugging me for a while and yesterday I found a solution. My rotary clothes dryer is just about shot after 20 years with our storms etc. So I had a new one ordered and it came yesterday.This left me with a potential base for the bird bath and after removing the arms and fittings it looked good. The problem of fitting the bath was easily solved I lobbed the top section of the stem off and slide that on bath and all. I just need a drain tap now and the job is finished. Another bonus is while the bath is out of danger from cat attacks it is on a perfect level to watch the birds antics through the window.
A good mornings work I think I deserve a coffee.
What do you think?