The sun had a day off yesterday but today it is back in it's full splendor.We are in for a hot one,bring it on.

After a lazy day yesterday today I wandered off to mothers.I have put some photos of places that will interest her on a pen drive for her to watch on her TV.
2 albums of Walney and 1 each of,Furness Abbey,Grange, The Lake District and my trip to see Jenny in Devon.
I am making more up to add to them.She is housebound so these will give her something fresh to watch.

I didn't go over the tops today because it was a hazy morning so there wouldn't be much to see and I didn't feel up to the climb.
So I cut through the industrial site instead. This is a huge area that used to house the steel,iron,hoop and wire works years ago. This was cleared and industrial units of all sizes built. The planners planted trees sowed grass on the edge of roads and the best thing they did was leave a few ponds that were used for the steel industry,The reservoir on the way to mothers is a prime example as you will know by my photos of the waterfowl there.This is the largest together with it's twin next to it which is now playing fields complete with changing rooms.There are numerous smaller ones and you will have seen some as I snap them on my travels. All that is a rather convoluted way to tell you today I spied another. Only a small one but floating on it was this carpet of what I take to be water lilies but you know my knowledge of flowers is very limited.. Whatever they are the are a nice sight in the middle of an industrial complex.

On to mother's after that and she is in fine form,we exchanged news of family and mutual friends and I left with some bits and pieces to get for her next time I visit.I returned home via a different route and emerged at the top of the channel side walk steps from level 2 to level one. There I got my first glimpse of the bridge and the path homewards.half an hour to go and I was ready to get there,the sun was hot and the morning breeze had stopped.6.53 miles done it felt like 10 and I enjoyed every step.
Home at last it was in to a cool shower to stop my skin leaking,a splash of smelly stuff and fresh shorts and t shirt, that felt so good.The chair under the parasol and a cold glass of cider are beckoning,catch you soon.