Sorry forgot to let you know how it all went when they went to the Consulate on Monday.

They got to Izmir in time to have a coffee before getting to the Consulate for their appointment. Apparently they were really nervous, despite the fact that it's only a visitor's visa they are going for. Anyway, it went really well, all papers were correct and they were told that they have to wait for up to 2-3 weeks for the outcome. It sounds positive anyway, so hopefully I'll have my daughter and son-in-law here for Christmas. I've already bought the cake for their wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow they are flying to meet his mother and siblings. It's a long way at the other end of Turkey. It would take them 24 hours if they went by bus, so they are flying and it should take them about 2 hours - bit of a difference eh?

Mandi is obviously very nervous, and has been trying to learn Turkish so that she can say some good words to his mum. One of his brothers speaks English quite well, well better than Dogan anyway, so hopefully he'll be the translator for Mandi. They are staying there for a couple of days and then coming back halfway to Antalya to stay with his uncle and aunts for another couple of days. The weather there is lovely and warm - phfitt phfitt - that's me spitting dry feathers!!! The weather here is freezing cold and I have the sweep coming tomorrow so I'll be able to light the fire and keep nice and warm as will the cats.

Thank you so much folks for caring enough to ask what the outcome is.