As I've mentioned before, my son Tony and his fiancee, Stevie, have been going down the adoption route, which has taken a very long and soul searching time.

Well today, they phoned me to say that today they had a meeting with the final board and they were told that they have been approved to be parents!!!!

They were asked if they could possibly take the child/children before next April, which was the date they'd given. They are getting married on March 1st and then have a 10 day honeymoon booked in Bali. Well they told the board, that nothing is set in stone that can't be altered, so it sounds as if they might be offered a child/children sooner than later. I say child/children, because they have said that they would be willing to take siblings if they needed a home.

So instead of making quilts, just now, I'm going to make soft toys, so am off to e-bay to buy some fun-fur material and hopefully a good pattern for making teddy bears. I used to make loads of soft toys when my children were young, so it seems only right that I make some for my grandchild/children. It'll be fun making them and I am really excited to becoming a nana. I don't want to be called Granny, nor Grandma - my mum was called Nana by my kids and I like that. So Nana Jenny is all waiting for him/her/them.