Well today the temperatures actually reached double figures!!! I think we hit the heady heights of 11C. So inbetween the showers - see we can't have mild weather without a down side - rain!!! - I went out and sowed some wild flowers in the banks. I wanted to fill in the banks on the driveway with shade loving wild flowers, and today seemed a good day to do it. Now hopefully I should have some lovely flowers just right for the bees and butterflies.

I also took advantage and looked at my pots in the driveway and found that there are some tulips starting to emerge..

This should be a lovely orange double headed tulip, and you can see that it's already unfurling it's petals.

Here's a lovely red and white tulips which, by the look of it, should very soon be open. It was gorgeous last year.

This is a lovely deep purple one - the colour is so rich and it seems to bloom for a very long time.

These primroses are still blooming, and they seem to be popping up all over the place. I know they self-seed, but this year they have surpassed themselves - especially next door.

This little pansy is struggling against all odds of survival in a pot. I'm going to have a good go at clearing out the rubbish that's in there, and then it can flourish to it's hearts content.

These little forget me nots grow in the most strange places. They're all over the driveway, propped up against pots, in the gravel, you name it - it's found a way to flourish.

So with a bit of luck and hopefully some warm sunny weather, my garden might just look pretty with colour.