Mandi has just rung me and it was wonderful hearing her voice again after a two week lapse. She is apparently lovely and brown (hiss - boo - hiss!!!!), she's more in love with her hubby now than before, if that had been possible. They were going to go to Izmir - a town not too far from where they were, well at least only a 4 hour coach drive, to go to the Consulate to apply for a visa. Luckily they double checked, despite the fact that they had enquired a week prior, and found out that the Consulate had changed their policy and they would only accept internet applications and it had to have been done 3 weeks prior!!!! So it is a visit to Istanbul for Dogan which is almost 1,000 miles away!!! He's going next week if he can - also they found out that the cost of a visa has risen since 6th April from £600 to £950!!!!!! That's ridiculous isn't it? I know we want to make sure that the people who do want to immigrate into the UK can look after themselves and not be a burden on us and I fully support that, but to raise the cost of application to such a high is quite bad.

Also they have been told that he must have enough money to support himself for at least 6 months and the level is £15,000 - hells teeth, Mandi earns that in a year, so I don't know where they get these figures from. Dogan has all this money so there's no problem, it's just that they're married and so in love, it's such a shame that they can't be together more easily. If he'd only been born about 20 miles away in Greece, then all he'd have had to do was to buy an airline ticket to the UK!!!!

I just hope that it won't be long before they're reunited, because to see and hear her talk of him is so heart warming and to know that this incredible man has brought so much happiness to my daughter, I just want them to be together all the time.

Hopefully Mandi will come to see me next weekend and show me all the pictures and videos she took while over there - and with a bit of luck some of her tan will have faded then I won't feel so pale and insignificant beside her!!!!!!!!!! LOL Obviously I'll post some of her pics on here to show you how lovely it is over there, and to think that while we were shivering here in very low temperatures, she was lying out in high temps and getting sunburnt!!!!