You'd never have known that yesterday was a lovely warm sunny day by looking out the window today!! It's overcast and the wind is very strong. It's gone back to being cold again, so that's a bummer.

I was going shopping today and so I had to scramble my way through the gate in the fence to get to my neighbour's house to go shopping. Her garden was looking a picture - so full of primroses, it's unbelievable.....

and so many daffodils too. I just had to take photos of it.

You can see the gate through the fence in this photo and that's my house the other side.

Within the next few days their tulips will be a riot of red, and so I'll pop over then and take some more photos.

These tulips are mine and as you can see that orange tulip I photographed a couple of days ago has unfurled even more petals...............

I've noticed some pale yellow tulips are also starting to bloom.

There are some purple ones too on their way out. I do so love this time of year.