I’ve a marmot
Digging under my wood pile
My new neighbor
Today was warm
But nights are getting longer
So soon, winter.
A year we’ll all remember
But not fondly.
Morning sunshine
A long day among the spruce
Cool evening.
Brew day today
I blend my White Nights Stout
And wait and wait.

Two cords firewood,
Spruce, birch a little alder.
Should last till spring.

A light snowfall
Continuing day and night,
Deep snow cover.

Heavy rain today
Silence is quite deafening
After the deluge.

The fourth day of June
The sun shines after midnight
Home in Alaska.

I am reading now
The Roar of Queen Srimala
A Buddhist Sutra.

Snow covers the ground
Mist shrouding the distant hills
Fine October day!

In the north country,

May showers bring June flowers,


Snow slid off the roof
Sakura portends Japan's spring
Ours is avalanche!

The snow is slipping
Falling from sun warmed spruce boughs
Not spring yet, but close!

Rose skies, east and west
As dawn lights up the arctic,
Fine winter morning!

I had my coffee.
Next, off to the polls to vote
Time to change the world!

It is today here
In Japan it's tomorrow.
Were is yesterday?

Early Saturday.
The sun hasn't come up yet
Lighting the wood stove.

The sun's in my eyes
and the wind is at my back,
walking through the snow.
You see it yourself
Some days are warm some days cold
$cience is $ettled.

Brown leaves are buried
'neath a layer of white snow,
Bare branches lament.

Seventy eight years
I've observed the passing days
Emerge from winter.

Gabby Gabriel
Gave Gordy green gruesome grubs
Gord gave Gabe glum gawks.

OK, not really haiku but some days seem to start this way.


Green red and yellow
Leaves covered with frost crystals.
Autumn frost magic!
Had a frost last night
All my flowers are wilted
Autumn in August.


A few yellow leaves
The nights are getting longer
My firewood's stacked.

We've more rain today
Rain means it's spring in haiku
Endless springtime here!
Large trees floating past
The river is at flood stage
Nature's spring cleaning.

Rain in Osaka
I head to Kansai Airport
Leaving storms behind.

Almost deafening.
Calling through the morning mist.
A heard of ravens.
Early summer rain
The low clouds obscure the view
Mountains are hidden.

Cool rainy weather
At Takanoko Onsen
Hot soak and sauna.
Hooligan Ravens.
Five O'clock in the morning.
Challenging the day.
At Sea Mount Castle
Watching rains sweeping Seto sea
Misty memories.
Down by the water
Sakura in my sake
At Tanukii's shrine.

Light dusting of snow

Only fresh tracks I can see

Are mine and the squirrel's.

Bright crystal islands
Ice floating on the river
Soon all will be still.
Walking in birch woods
Golden leaves fall behind me
I'm leaving no tracks.

Rain on a tin roof

A monotonous refrain

Remember summer.

Down at the river
Not one person notices
When the frog jumps out.
Big moose on the trail
Thinks that he has right of way.
I agree, turn home.
Yellowed leaves dropping
More and more each day as we
Rush in to winter.


Rain runs down my neck
Still this job need be finished
Before the snow falls.

Light frost on the grass
Smell of wood smoke in the air
Nice autumn morning.
Chopping firewood
Bit of summer exercise
For next winter's warmth!
A blanket of snow

Hides all my summer mistakes

Now I can relax!

I thought it was spring
But the groundhog disagreed
Winter's six more weeks.

Sit sipping sake
Watch the rabbit in the moon
Above the gate tree.

Strong winds blew all night
Rainy day in Senrioka
No more Sakura.

Japan's sakura
Alaska's pussy willows
Harbingers of spring!

It's a lot of work
Getting ready for winter
but I enjoy it!