Recently I had the audacity to be out of the office for a day on a training course. Wouldn’t you know it, someone needed me, and because I wasn’t available they threw what can only be described as a hissy fit, and not for the first time! So unprofessional... I kind of job share part of my contract, and I’m trying to ascertain if my counterpart, who gets paid more than me, was available to help, or if they were even asked. I have to have a meeting with my manager soon to discuss this, and he then has to have a meeting with another manager who wants to discuss whether they are getting value for money from me. Bloody cheek! They’re ALL paid more than me yet it’s always me that they call on when they have a problem. If I’m so indispensable why don’t they pay me more? This particular team are 50% nice and 50% a royal pain and I genuinely hate working for them; they stress me so much. The work is piling on, hence the training course, there’s no more money to be had, and on top of that we all face redundancy within the next few years. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they keep on piling the work on so that we get fed up and quit; that way they won’t have to pay redundancy. What a lovely company I work for!

My neighbour told me earlier that it’s 29C out there. Good grief! She’s off on holiday with her brood to a caravan in Cornwall; rather her than me!

My new mattress arrived today and I popped home during my lunch break to roll up my old Futon mattress, get it on the floor out of the way, and I unwrapped the new one and aired it for a few hours. I’ve made it up ready for tonight and can’t wait for bedtime lol.

This week we’ll have lived in this house for 8 years. I’ve never lived in the same place for so long in my entire life. I get itchy feet sometimes and decided to look for work anywhere but here; not much out there but I’ll keep looking. I have a ‘weird’ contract and will even consider a local part time job so that I can ‘drop’ the half of my contract that I dislike. Or I could win the lottery. Ah, a girl can dream...