The other day we were on an Amber alert for storms with the possibility of flooding. I made sure all the drains were clear the night before and ensured that the umbrellas were to hand. My friend cancelled our Saturday shopping as he didn’t want to be out in it which was understandable so I planned to go clothes and bedding shopping on my own. I’ve been ‘caught out’ by the weather people before, so wasn’t going to let a little rain spoil my day. At 4am we had thunder and some heavy showers, and the dog and I got a little damp on our walk later. After that the sun came out a little and we had a good breeze and that was that. We had less than an inch of rain. I got laundry dried on the line, did a little gardening, and got the shopping that I needed. So much for the forecast! I note some people had a lot of lightning, but locally we escaped the worst of it.

My son had to complete a further online test due to the high number of applicants, and has now heard that he won’t be invited for an interview. He’s obviously disappointed. The site wouldn’t have been easy to get to on public transport so it’s probably for the best. There are so few jobs here, and even fewer apprenticeships. This was a large company, and they were only offering 3 apprenticeships in different departments. It’s the only suitable ones I’ve seen in Wales! Of course in England there are lots on offer. If my job goes pear shaped, we may well have to consider leaving Wales just to look for work which will be a wrench I can tell you.

I’m on a training course tomorrow, and will have to be mindful not to yawn too much. Seriously, by 3pm I’m shattered and some days can barely stay awake. I’m still being woken almost every single night with pins and needles and have googled this along with my condition. Although it isn’t a recognised side effect, a number of people with the same condition are suffering regular pins and needles. My new mattress is arriving on Tuesday, and if this doesn’t help at all, I’ll be back to see the GP; there’s only so many disturbed nights a body can stand.

Hope those of you in the UK didn’t fare too badly in the storms. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.