Locally something ‘big’ is going on soon and our site, and others close by, won’t be available as a place of work. We’re expected to travel to other sites that will be open as usual. We’ll be expected to use public transport due to main road closures by the police and delays. We’ll be allowed to claim for mileage, however travel time will not be allowed. So I could travel to another site; the closest available one will take me at least an hour to get to, and will involve me going to the town centre that we’re being specifically told to avoid. Hmm some crazy logic going on here. I’ll be expected to work an 8.5 hour day, with at least 2 hours on top of that for travelling when I usually take less than 10 minutes to get to work. How nice.

Some ‘essential’ staff will be allowed on site after being vetted by the police, and others will be allowed to work from home. I will put money on the fact that I will not fall into either category. If I’m required to be at the more distant campus, then I should allow 2 hours each way for my journey, so I’ll have to leave home around 6.30am, and won’t get home until around 7.30 to 8pm. They know where they can shove that!

The other option is to take annual leave. This is all about money and prestige and by keeping us plebs away they can rent out the site to the police and support staff. They’ll make an absolute packet and of course they’ll look good into the bargain.

Basically they’ll be making a lot of money out of this, staff can eff off and work elsewhere or use 9 days leave. So, through no fault of my own, I will have to ‘waste’ 9 days leave just so our glorious leaders can make money and look good. Despicable way to run a business!