Ladies and gentlemen: I cannot addequately express the depth of relief of millions of Americans who have taken to the streets to celebrate the fall of this manufacturer of hate and teller of lies. There is a lot of work ahead to heal the damage he has done to my country in four years...which felt like 10. Never since our civil war have we been so divided, spoken so viciously of each other, seen so much hate toward African-Americans and Hispanic and Muslim immigrants. Under his watch, 238,000 Americans have died of Covid-19 while he has lied about the disease since it was discovered in Wuhan, even prevented the proper prevention and treatment of it.

We are also rid of the entire crime family. They'll still be around causing problems, engaged in swindling and spewing their delusional conspiracy theories, but they won't be running the country, betraying our allies or putting children in cages. Their voters are just a passionate as ever. Perhaps they'll be out for revenge, we don't know, but we will have to deal with that, too. For now, we are just rejoicing.

Goodbye and good riddance, Trump.

(The image is in dozens of financial news articles, one with the following citation: "Illustration/Getty Images, iStock.")