Hello All,

Just so you are aware as to why I haven't posted or visited. We went to Norfolk last Friday (2nd July), staying until Wednesday. Went to the coast on Saturday, heavy duty gardening for Liz om Sunday, then out for a lovely meal in Cringleford on Sunday evening. It was a bit duller but still warm on Monday, so we used our bus passes, so useful, to go into Norwich on Monday. We wore masks, as did most of the older population on the bus. Had a good walk through the quiet city, stopping for cold drinks ouside, then inside a small cafe for lunch; back in time to get James off the school taxi at 3.30.

So far so good. I woke up on Tuesday shivering violently, sneezing and feeling very sick and cold despite the warm weather. I went to bed and stayed there for most of the day. We didn't have a test kit with us and Liz was working on the south coast. She beelined back on Wedenesday morning. Liz gave me a Covid test, but didn't leave long enough for a full result, so it looked negative. Drove home, and I thought it might be hay fever so I took an anthistamine tablet on Wednesday and Thursday - no relief of the symptoms. Thursday a positve result, and then today Adrian, (unsurprisingly) after feeling a bit off colour, tested positive.

He is sitting out doors in the hot sun, and I am reading books inside. Feeling a tad better today, not suffering a high temperature, and the runny nose and eyes aren't so bad. The latest news from out local surgery is stricly NO VISITING, as the nurses are off sick and the surgery is short staffed. Still experiencing the odd shivering fit, but I think I'll be able to sleep better tonight, and sufficiently fine to vist you all.

Take care and stay well all off you.