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  • Attingham Hall - framed.

    Attingham Park is an English country house and estate in Shropshire, located near the village of Atcham. It was built in 1785 for Noel Hill, 1st Baron Berwick, who received his title in 1784. Noel Hill already owned a house on the site of Attingham Par…

  • Fallow deer in Attingham Park

    Attingham’s Deer Park was created in 1798 as part of Thomas, 2nd Lord Berwick’s grand improvements to the Mansion and grounds. Today, around 200 fallow deer, descended from the original herd live in the park. The park rangers maintain the number of deer…

  • From flower to seedhead

    Sunday 19th August Challenge is CONTRAST. The colour contrast is dramatic as is the contrast between the flower and the seed-head.

  • EIIR pillar box.

    Saturday Self Challenge: Find something red, shoot it, but then change the image into black and white. This was an interesting challenge. I wanted to take a photo of something that the majority of folks would accept as red without having to show the o…

  • Don't cross.

  • HFF from Ruyton XI Towns

    This fence is part of a kissing gate. A kissing gate is a type of gate that allows people, but not livestock, to pass through. The normal construction is a half-round, rectangular, trapezoidal or V-shaped part-enclosure with the free end of a hinged gat…

  • Red Hexagons

  • Massey Ferguson 590 & Claas combine harvester.

  • Stavanger Konserthus

    The concert Hall was officially opened by Crown Prince Haakon on 15 September 2012. The financing of the building was shared by the municipality of Stavanger, the county of Rogaland, the Norwegian government and private sponsors at a cost of 1.225 billio…

  • Before the harvest

  • Harvesting

    I suspect this piece of agricultural machinery is on its last legs. Bits have broken off and were lying on the field.

  • Eucomis using zoom burst technique

    Another trial.

  • SSC Zoom Burst. Rowan berries


  • HFF everyone

    Hope your week brings you sunshine and flowers and night-time rain showers.

  • A thorny subject.

  • Brown Argus feeding on Agapanthus nectar

    Aricia agestis is a very small butterfly with a wing span of only 25 - 31mm. The upper-wings are brown with orange spots on the wing edges. I didn't manage to get a good photo of this.

  • Holes through a hole

    The Monday Macro today is: 0.07.2018. - Loch / hole / trou / agujero The main hole is in a colander, and one can see the waste collector holes in the sink.

  • Green shield bug on poppy head

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