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  • Yellow rattle. Rhinanthus minor

    Yellow-rattle is an annual that thrives in grasslands, living a semi-parasitic life by feeding off the nutrients in the roots of nearby grasses. For this reason, it was once seen as an indicator of poor grassland by farmers, but is now often used to turn…

  • Green layers.

    Today's challenge is: Serenity . Green is a very restful colour. This view is within easy walking distance from our home. The small building nestling in the trees is the former Ruyton-of-the-XI-Towns Independent [then United Reformed Church] Chapel…

  • HFF from a little corner of Shropshire

  • Swans at Whittington

  • Birdsfoot trefoil. Lotus corniculatus

  • Wine Away The Hours

  • I saw three ships

  • TSC

    Today's Sunday Challenge: Use a mirror, any way you like. This is an afterthought, taken very quickly yesterday. I thought I had my preferred photo ready, but I read the rule and it clearly stated 'Use a mirror' and not 'use mirrors'.

  • At the top of the world

    This week's Saturday Challenge is: An album cover. The Carpenters - Top Of The World - 1973

  • Goosander. Mergus merganser

    This female goosander had two chicks, both moved very rapidly and were difficult to photograph. There was no sign of the male. She occasionally carried both on her back as we were watching.


    On Wednesday morning we drove to the outskirts of Chirk, about 10 miles, then walked into Wales over the path by the aqueduct. No problem with social distancing at all. HFF to you all, and stay safe.

  • Backlighting

    The Sunday Challenge this week is: Anything that relates to Automobiles

  • I see fields of green, red poppies too. What a wonderful world.

  • SSC Minimalism

    Today's challenge is: Minimalism using one item for your subject. This is part of a small but heavy dish that I have used before in the challenges. The bit that looks like a handle on a frying pan is actually part of a gas ring on the cooker. The P…

  • HFF from Ruyton XI Towns

    This fence prevents folks from climbing down into an old sandstone quarry. The PiP shows the same fence 3 days later. I prefer the main photo as the fence shows up more clearly.

  • Social distancing? No problem

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