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  • Eastern chipmunk

    The Sunday Challenge: serenity Serenity is the feeling that I have watching the birds and animals in my yard. If I move slowly, I can make a close approach. These animals are tiny, so even with my large lens, I need to be close to capture detail. AIM…

  • Gentle Breezes

    The Sunday Challenge: Serene When life is overwhelming and I need to soothe my soul, it's the flowers, the baby animals, gentle breezes and happy memories which allow me to slip into that place where I can wrap the feeling of peacefulness around me…

  • Reeds. 143/366

    After my gardening session yesterday I woke to rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine for the rest of the day combined with yet another near gale. And not warm as a result. This meant I could stay on the sofa guilt free all morning only moving occasionally to ti…
    By Jean

  • I want to break free. 146/366

    A lovely sunny morning and the house martins were skimming to and fro across the street. A blackbird was feeding her fledgling in the back garden and I was cutting my hair. Hair is strange. When I cut it, it is OK but looks better after a few days. After…
    By Jean

  • Flowerpower 1

    Farben sind das Lächeln der Natur Flowerpower 2 Flowerpower 3

  • Waiting

    At Tso Moriri, at 4600 meters altitude on the Centra Asian side of the Himalaya. Close to the border with Tibet, in Ladakh, India. Very remote...12 hours across trackless sand in high altitude desert, this is the summer grazing lands for the Ladaki herder…

  • Ypsilon

    Wissenswertes Das Ypsilon (griechisches Neutrum Ύψιλον, „einfaches I“ [vergleiche Epsilon]; Majuskel Υ, Minuskel υ) ist der 20. Buchstabe des griechischen Alphabets und hat nach dem milesischen System den Zahlwert 400.

  • Schwerer Geburt

  • Hinter dem Brückenbogen - Behind The Bridge Arch (PiPs)

    Shannonbridge, Ireland

  • Yucca and Sunset

    Camped at Octotillo Grove on the southwest side of Big Bend National Park we wandered the area at sunset before getting to bed for the night. These Yucca plants, I believe they are the Spanish Dagger Yucca, were near our camp.
    By RHH

  • Papaver rhoeas, Ranunculales

    By Xata

  • Salinas Grandes del Noroeste (PiP)

    Salinas Grandes lie in the northeastern corner of Argentina at a height of ca. 3450m. They cover 212 km² and are traditionally mined for salt. Recent explorarion for lithium has led to conflict with the indigenous population whose water supplies are threa…

  • Filtered Sunlight

    TSC: Serenity

  • Serenity

    is a photography book and a nice cup of tea! Does it for me :)

  • Namibia, Ancient Dried up Tree in Deadvlei

    Deadvlei - surrounded by dunes, the famous desert valley: solid clay soil with dried up ancient trees.

  • serenity

    Coolongolook River at Wallis Lake, NSW Sunday challenge- serenity

  • Shopping?

    Lao women with baskets in Luang Prabang. I'd suggest viewing large. The weeks seem to pass remarkably quickly, it's hard to believe it's again time to wish you all HFF and best wishes for the coming weekend. Stay safe.

  • Five Years Ago Today

    St Andrews harbour is home to a fleet of around a dozen small fishing vessels, landing high quality shellfish from around the nearby shores, which are sold locally, nationally and exported. Quoted from the St Andrews Harbour Trust website.

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