About ipernity

Ipernity is an independent, non-commercial photo sharing community with more than 25,000 active registered users worldwide.

By means of the ipernity members association (ima), which operates this website, ipernity provides the protected private sharing of photos, videos, audio files, and blog entries with family and friends, as well as the global publishing of selected contents. Today, more than 15 million photos and other entries are online.

Within its groups, ipernity promotes the mutual inspiration and direct communication supported by a machine-aided translation feature. Other features of this website include a unique picture-in-picture function, post-upload editing and replacement, tagging, geotagging, albums, internal mail service, and more. Full-size uploads and downloads (with complete EXIF and IPTC informations) are possible.

Since ipernity‘s web service is 100% members-owned, it is unaffected by ideological, political, religious and/or other interests. Most of all, it is independent from financial interests of investors. Its only obligation is to promote the interest and requirements of the community. User‘s privacy, private data, and content, are protected and will neither be analysed nor used by anyone for commercial or other marketing purposes. Material released for publication may appear in search engines, but nowhere else.

Welcome to our unique and growing community!