About ima.team club

The ipernity members association has been founded as a non profit organization on 20th of February, 2017, with the aim of taking over and then providing, maintaining, and managing the photo/video-sharing and blogging platform ipernity.com, and promoting the website and its services by all possible means (advertising participation in trade shows, exhibitions, social media and other promotional endeavors).

The headquarters are located in 94350 Villiers-sur Marne, France, and registered in Nogent-sur-Marne under the No. W942006250.

Executive Board (elected by the Ipernity General Assembly on March 31, 2019 and March 29,2020)

Eric Desjours, France, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dr. Bernhard Westrup, Austria, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Rob Stamp, United Kingdom, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
William Sutherland, United States, Secretary (legal affairs, conflict management, hotline)

Executive Asstistants (appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with ARTICLE VII,11 of the IMA Statutes)

Pam Johnson, United States (hotline, spam removal)
Helena-Paule Fitoussi, France (hotline, spam removal)

Advisory Council: (appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with ARTICLE VIIa,1 of the IMA Statutes)

Christian Bucher, France (data protection officer, public relations)
Dr. Guido Werner, Germany (information technology)
Isabel Queiroz Marcellot Portugal (Iberian cultural affairs)
Markus Fritsch, Germany (strategy, financial affairs)
PhD Sami Serola, Finland (information science)
Sara Shrives, United Kingdom (Anglosphere cultural affairs)
Tobias Bauer, Germany (information technology & security)
Laura Fletcher, United States (Covid-19 commitee)

Auditors (elected on March 29, 2020):

Markus Fritsch, Germany
Thomas Reck, Germany

Data Protection Officer: (appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with the privacy policy)

Christian Bucher
6 rue Waldteufel
67800 Bischheim