Groups Guidelines

ipernity offers you the possibility of creating and participating in Groups. Groups are a commonplace bringing together several users around a common topic, allowing them to share documents and chat at the same time.

The present charter is intended to help you better understand the different roles that you could hold within the Groups, and gives you a clear picture on the best practices to adopt.

The Groups success within the ipernity environment lays solely on the respect of the rules by everyone. Thank you for taking the time in reading the following rules and regulations hereafter.

You are the Administrator of a Group.

You become the Administrator of a Group when you create one, or when another Administrator appoints you as the Administrator.

  • Invite people... but mind the spam!
    A Group is by definition a set of users, so invite people who are likely to be interested in the subject of your Group. First of all, favor the ipernity users who have added you to their contacts, it's proof of confidence from them and your invitation will have more impact with those people. You can also send invitations by email. However, do not invite the whole world, people you are targeting might consider you as undesirable and you might trigger a negative effect totally the opposite of what you were aiming for. So keep in mind the subject of your Group and target your invitations towards those who could be interested.
  • Lead!
    Bring to life your Group by posting yourself the first documents and by launching subjects discussion. Members of the Group as well as visitors will appreciate your constant presence within the Group, reflected by the messages that you will leave regularly throughout the discussions.
  • Delegate!
    Your Group is growing quickly and this overloads you with work? You might be going away for a while? Don't leave your ship unattended without a captain : delegate! You have the ability to handover certain rights to members of the Group, even to name others as Administrators. The success of a Group is often shared by several people.
  • Moderate!
    Moderation is one of the key elements in obtaining the success of your Group. A Group that is well moderated will be high in quality and relevant with its subject and will gain in popularity. To best moderate, have a look at the following paragraphs.

You are the Moderator of a Group.

The Administrators of a Group are by default Moderators. But you can also become the Moderator of a Group by being appointed by one of its Administrators. The role of the Moderator is to ensure that the contributions by the members are in line with the subject of the Group and abide by the specific rules of the Group and those of ipernity.

  • Do not abuse of your authority
    As a Moderator you can be brought to delete contributions, even exclude either temporarily or permanently a user. Do not abuse of your authority. Act using common sense. Do not banish a member before having temporarily excluded them as a warning. Also do not forget that a decision is always better accepted when it is explained to the party in question.
  • Moderate regularly
    Keep a constant eye on new contributions. The quality of your Group will only be improved. And do not leave requests for contribution too long without a response. You will only discourage the members and the activity in your Group could be affected.

You are a Member of a Group.

  • Respect specific rules of the Group.
    Certain Groups have specific rules established by their Administrators. Please ensure that you consult them before joining a Group, and please ensure to respect them at all times. The Administrators and/or the Moderators could possibly make decisions that could very likely displease you (membership refusal, removal of your contributions which are against the rules of the Group, temporary or permanent exclusion from the Group... ). If this is the case, please make an attempt to understand the reason behind the decision by communicating with them. If after a while you still don't come to an agreement and their decision is not satisfactory to you, you can therefore assume that the Group is not made for you.
  • Participate!
    If you want to be a member of a Group, you can't just watch the grass grow! Submit your contributions for others to see, start discussions, in other words : be active! Life within a Group is all dependent on what you want to invest in it.
  • ... but keep in mind at all times the subject of the Group.
    It's quite easy to stray away from the subject of the Group, especially when conversations tend to heat up. Therefore please be sure to keep in mind, at all times, the subject of the Group when contributing. If you want to discuss another subject, why not create a new Group?
  • Respect the life of the Group.
    Please be polite and respectful of other users... but all that is already written in the Users Guidelines that you've already read. If you don't remember, here is a preview of it:
  • And also...
    Do not use the comments and especially not graphics in the comment section to promote or suggest content for a Group. We consider this as SPAM.
    Please use the function "suggest a Group" which is specifically meant for this.

Thank you very much to have taken a few moments of your time to read this important document.

We wish you a lot of fun and new discoveries with the ipernity Groups.

Last update of the French original: 2013/07/15

Last update of the English translation: 2013/07/15