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ipernity today represents: 100,000 lines of code for roughly 200 scripts, 5,000 translated sentences over 500 pages and thousands of hours of work. Ipernity uses a great number of open-source technologies without which such a service would be almost impossible to realize. We seek to honor them.

We also insist on expressing all our gratitude to the numerous people who have supported ipernity through their ideas and encouragements, their help in debugging and the care they have brought to the translation.

Translators / Join the translation team?


pimlico pimlico

Godmeister Godmeister

Topher Topher

Luke Luke

Phill Price Phill Price


Madcore Madcore

MacGuffin MacGuffin

occ occ

Bartolería Bartolería

zensure zensure

Don Gato (Toni) Don Gato (Toni)

Macram @ Huertas de Ánimas Macram @ Huertas de Ánimas

Txytx Txytx

Antonio J. Rodríguez Ríos Antonio J. Rodríguez Ríos

PotironLight PotironLight


kOoLiNuS kOoLiNuS

jfvo jfvo

Roberto Ballerini - traveling Roberto Ballerini - traveling

Ferrocinque Ferrocinque

marcoBRESSI (PhotoHedonism) marcoBRESSI (PhotoHedonism)

Manuela Manuela

Flavio Leone Flavio Leone

Fulcrum Fulcrum

Karmadesigner Karmadesigner

cinghiospol cinghiospol

Geo8 Geo8

Miles Velain Miles Velain


florian florian

pixmesh pixmesh

muskater muskater

NicoleB NicoleB

Mo Mo

friedrbe friedrbe

Natascha Natascha

sopran sopran

orbitermann orbitermann

Quæstor Quæstor

Lars Reineke Lars Reineke

mfr-photodesign mfr-photodesign

blogwinkel blogwinkel

assbach assbach

Rrolf Rrolf

ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


ruinix ruinix

Algarvio Algarvio

chromatic orb chromatic orb

Bruno Rebelo Bruno Rebelo

Pedro Rebelo Pedro Rebelo

Matos, Jo Matos, Jo

Nuno Castro Nuno Castro

Antonio Pratas Antonio Pratas

Xata, mostly offline 'til May Xata, mostly offline 'til May


Cindy McKee Cindy McKee

Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography

Ivan MG Ivan MG

Yves Nevelsteen Yves Nevelsteen

LaPingvino LaPingvino

Paŭl Paŭl

Lars Sözüer Lars Sözüer

Kalle Kniivilä Kalle Kniivilä

Alesk Arpitano Alesk Arpitano


Lien Lien

Soepkipje Soepkipje

Wilco Wilco

Merodema Merodema

Dany Dany


occ occ

Javier Seixas Javier Seixas

Chinese (simplified)

Zhang Xuesong (雪松) Zhang Xuesong (雪松)

Yannick Yannick

Chunlei Li Chunlei Li

Kamelo Kamelo

Cui Jiayou Cui Jiayou

Karilo Karilo


jemostrom (old) jemostrom (old)

Bengt(MP) Bengt(MP)

Pebble Pebble

Laura C Laura C


Scoo Scoo

le.suede le.suede

carulmare carulmare

Mattias Wirf Mattias Wirf

Robĉjo Robĉjo

s@lle s@lle


peri22b peri22b


Manuel Meixide Manuel Meixide

Xabre Xabre

Xose Ramon Xose Ramon


raf raf

Illuminat Illuminat

Andrzej Bach Andrzej Bach

Kpjas Kpjas

lech lech

Haiku_Ted Haiku_Ted


Vladimír Türk* Vladimír Türk*

Maru Maru

Roman Rogner Roman Rogner


Khosh Dima Khosh Dima

Обезьяна с зеркалкой Обезьяна с зеркалкой

Alexander Shmelkov Alexander Shmelkov

Altsoph Altsoph

ahalizev ahalizev

Angela (I'm on fb now) Angela (I'm on fb now)

temkkka temkkka

Patefon Patefon

Mkm51 Mkm51

Sergey Silnov Sergey Silnov

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