Guide of good conduct

With ipernity you can publish and share your photos, your videos and all your digitized memories. You can also keep in touch and interact with your close relations.

The respect of all users and the quality of the service remains ipernity's permanent concern provided all our users strive to respect our values.

The present guidelines aim to help you to better understand the state of mind we expect from our users. Your use of ipernity relies on your agreement of both this document and our General Terms and Conditions of Service.

What we expect from you

  • Make sure you are the author or have legal rights to content you publish.
    Respect copyrights. The main purpose of ipernity is to host original content whose author you are; we recommend use of public domain and creative commons (CC) licensed material be kept to a minimum based on the “reasonable” person standard. Derivatives that can legally be claimed as original works are acceptable. We do not accept that you publish photos or videos that violate copyright and licensing terms nor that you import pirated MP3’s or plagiarize articles for your blog. Do not copy in your own space the content that other ipernity users have published; we encourage you to use the "Add to favorites" feature. It has been designed for that purpose!
  • Respect the external links reciprocity rule.
    Links enable the publishing of contents hosted by ipernity on external Web pages at the owner's option. If you use such links you commit yourself to refer the published content to the ipernity page via a clickable link.
  • Do not publish any illegal or prohibited content.
    If so your account will be terminated at once and without any warning and we might need to notify law enforcement authorities. Any content promoting forbidden content is likewise out-of-bounds. Certain types of content are allowed only for private sharing. It is important that you should be fully aware of these banishment and restrictions. We invite you to consult with due care the dedicated help section.
  • Rate your content correctly.
    By rating your content depending on the public to which it is aimed you contribute to protecting ipernity users against inappropriate content. You are responsible for how you rate your content. If you fail to moderate your account correctly it runs the risk of being temporarily suspended by the ipernity moderators. If you are not familiar with the classification method we recommend that you consult the dedicated help section.
  • Choose an icon and a user name that best represents your identity.
    Show your face: it contributes to the user-friendliness we expect from our community. You may choose a user name other than your true identity but the name must in no way be vulgar or insulting, must not be composed of an internet or an email address, refer to a brand or to an identity that is not your own. Your icon and your user name must be suitable for the category "All audiences". We do not accept any nudity nor that you take on the image or the identity of another person (whether he be famous or not).
  • Be polite and respectful of other users.
    ipernity is a user-friendly and peaceful space for the sharing of artistic and family content. Each user is entitled to express his or her opinion but in so doing you must fully respect other users. When you address another user by means of a message, a comment or an article, we request you to show politeness and courtesy. We systematically remove any content which does not respect this rule.
  • Do not divert the use of the features proposed.
    Content published on ipernity is chiefly destined to be viewed and used through the ipernity interfaces. Of course you may include some of your content in your blog or on your personal Web site. We terminate all accounts making use of ipernity as a mere host for files for services which have nothing to do with ipernity. No spam, no advertising, nor any kind of harassment can be tolerated in the comments, the keyword tags nor in the mailbox, the chat or any other ipernity feature. We constantly monitor the polluting and unnecessary activity of any diverted use and are inflexible with the persons held responsible!
  • Invite people sparingly and with good sense!
    Spamming is a real pain. So invite only people who matter to you, those who can understand your approach and finally those you really want to have among your contacts. If you don't you might be seen as a tormentor!
  • Take action if you come across intolerable content.
    If you feel offended by any content on ipernity, there are several ways to respond. First you can decide not to revisit the page and to remove the author from your list of contacts if they were was on it. You can also block the user so that you do not receive any communication from them. Furthermore, if you think that the content violates our Terms of Use, you can click the "Report as inappropriate" link on the page, or for such things as comments or mail messages let us know by clicking on the link "Help & Contact" which you can find at the bottom of each page.
  • Don’t use ipernity for business purposes such as advertising or propaganda.
    ipernity hosts artistic and family content. Any content aiming at doing business, advertising or propaganda is forbidden. Those whose business it is to promote Vi☆gra, to offer loans or instant recipes for becoming rich are asked to try their luck elsewhere!

If ipernity was to face any content related problem

We reserve the right at our own discretion to delete any content considered unsuitable and/or disregarding our Terms of Use and/or the present guidelines. Depending on the seriousness of the case, ipernity shall decide to terminate the account of the user held responsible and to delete all its content and if necessary report the user to the law-enforcing authorities. If there is a perceived conflict or inconsistency with similar information mentioned in the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use takes precedence over the Guide of Good Conduct.

We have set up these rules so that everyone has a positive ipernity experience. We rely on you to abide by them. We thank you for having taken the time to acknowledge them.

Last update: 2022-09-03