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Once upon a time -

there was music that filled the air -
it floated though your hair -
swirled -
got stuck in your pockets -
sounded like an Avian Symphony -

but -

oh, that did it -
that part wasn't a song -
it was a 'yuk,yuk,yuk,yuk' -
like Curly on t…
Added on April 22, 2014

.. a pause

.. a pause
in the Concert -
Sir Robin checks out his audience -
then, he continued -
music floating in the air -
heavenly -

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Added on April 18, 2014

- hello there

- hello there
.. driving and looking for other signs of Spring
.. found this feline just sitting in the tall grass
.. no sound on my camera
.. she just sat and looked at me once in awhile
.. was still there when I drove away

.. would love to know what is going on in t…
Added on March 23, 2014

.. hello to you too !

.. hello to you too !
- perched in the Emanon tree
- just outside the kitchen window
- Mr Robin .. he is either
- Chubby or Bubba
- not sure

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Added on February 11, 2014

Feathered guest -

Feathered guest -
- lunch on the deck
- black eyed Junco

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Added on January 24, 2014

Stages of interest...

Stages of interest...
black swan.. graceful & ignoring
gulls... always must watch
coot and anhinga.. minding own business
small waterbirds swimming... "don't land on me"
whatever-the-landing-waterbird-is..(or birds).. two left feet ?

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Added on April 27, 2009

Life ..

Life ..
defining life is difficult -
life is a process -

- "a property or quality of plants and animals
- a living being
- a kind of plant life
- a time a person or thing is alive or exists
- a manner of living
- an individual's animate existence
- a specific a…
Added on March  4, 2012

Short - at the time ..

Short - at the time ..
. when I saw this GBH, thought it must be a statue
. had seen one just a few minutes ago
. but, no, this was just a GBH - shorter
. look at his legs
. from his body down to the mulch
. then, look to find the feet
. amazing
. through the nictitating membra…
Added on February 24, 2012

Pick-pocket by the lake ?

Pick-pocket by the lake ?
- very bold
- very close
- not seen one of these guys so close to a human
- but, free food just might be the equalizer !

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Added on February 16, 2012

Another Link in the Chain - eye of the Great Blue Heron..

Another Link in the Chain - eye of the Great Blue Heron..
feathers in the breeze ... ---- linked to the eyes of an Owl ----

- signed only
- profile of heron
- up close feather view
- he was so cooperative
- probably about 6ft away
- zoom details

- it was a great day for feathers
- all colors !

© All ri…
Added on February  9, 2012