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Updated on: December 16, 2013.

Winter Recedes, Spring Approaches, album created on March 22, 2013

I feel blessed that I get to live here. I'm truly grateful for it. I never get tired of walking or riding the bike along the lakes here with or without taking pictures, but taking in all the beauty and silence. In particular today, I had a magic moment in the afternoon, when I sat in that wooden "chair" that's among the pictures, enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face, a breeze and the soft sounds of little wavelets collapsing on the shore. There was bird song and the sound of the wind and wav…

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I had this idea a while ago, but never put it into action. Well - here it is: A timelapse recording of my weekly head shave. Thanks to Boinx Software Ltd. , who come up with such nice titles as iStopMotion , which I used to record this. Oh, b.t.w… - See all videos
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More Texas Pics - 5 years ago

Since I had to prepare a few selections of images for potential clients, I decided to upload them to my own web share for the time being. There is a number of pictures at these locations: gua ch Hope, you'll enjoy them.

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renovatio06 has replied to **~Sara~**
Hi Sara,
I'm not much on here anymore, as you have noticed... Thanks for asking! It's the same and then it isn't .) Hope, you're still going strong, too!
2 years ago.
Thinkin' about you...I hope you are well!
3 years ago.
renovatio06 has replied to Ferl
Thanks, Ferl, I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I'm not active on ipernity at this point. Thanks for visiting and leaving kind comments, made my day.
3 years ago.
Wonderful journey in your gallery....!
I'll come back to see very
3 years ago.
Ke Marshall
Ke Marshall
Thank you so much Werner for the birthday greeting. It gave me a big smile. It's like getting presents does not compare to someone wishing you a wonderful birthday. Much gratitude. :) Plus it was an excuse to visit my page. :) How are you? You have to keep me posted on how things are. It's still the same for me unfortunately. Waiting for someone to unstick me.
3 years ago.

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