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Updated on: May 12, 2019.

Portland Junior Rose Parade 2017, album created on May  8, 2019

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4th of July Pittsburgh, PA 2009, album created on March 16, 2019

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I'm Back! - 16 months ago

I had a lot going on in my life and I had to take some time away to see if this was something I still wanted to do. The answer was an overwhelming yes. I am not only back, I've done the "loan" to help get the site in better shape. I'm committing to being here and having Ipernity be here for me and for everyone else, too. At the end of the day, other sites may be cheaper or have more users, but this is where I keep coming back. Time to settle in for a good, long time. New photos coming s…

  • New Year, New Thoughts

    - January 14, 2017
    With the recent message that things might stabalize here, I am going to keep posting, though like my friend Don and a few others, I'll probably 'double post' to Flickr and Ipernity for awhile, so that if this site does go away, I'm not having to do a lot of extra work. I really like it here, and I really like the community I have here. I hope we can keep it without going to a pay model that makes it impractical for most users. So if you are friends in both places, sorry for the doubles. Bu…

  • Thanks for Everything, Folks

    - December 30, 2016
    Hi All, So I've decided that while I'm not 100% happy with it, that when I resume my photo-sharing, it will be at Flickr. I really, really liked it here, but I see no way in which this stays open, and even if it does,I think we'll be back here again next year, wondering if there will be a site. I don't know that Flickr will survive long-term, either, but I think it's more likely to stick around. It seems as if the days of sharing photos and commenting on them with each other is a part…

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 @ngélique ♥
@ngélique ♥ club
merci de votre visite Rob !passez un bon dimanche
16 months ago.
 Rob McMonigal
Rob McMonigal club
Happy to be back!
16 months ago.
 Marja Savonije
Marja Savonije club
Thank you so much for coming back and donating too.
16 months ago.
 Rob McMonigal
Rob McMonigal club
Hmm, looks like I lost some pictures when I lapsed. I have them of course, so a few of these albums will get bigger again!
16 months ago.
 Rob McMonigal
Rob McMonigal club
Hi all, thinking about coming back again. We'll see!
16 months ago.

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