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Updated on: March  2, 2022.

Newell Creek Canyon February 2022, album created on March  2, 2022

The first "warm" day of February we hit the road to nearby Oregon City and the newest park in Oregon. A late afternoon arrival gave some cool sun-related pictures. Here's my favorites from the trip. We're hoping to go back at different season and re-take the photos to see how the natural area changes over the course of a year. The park itself is basically over the edge of a hill near a power right of way, sculped very nicely to go down the rather sharp grade with a ton of switch backs. Learn mo…

Portland OR Thundersnow 01-10-2017, album created on January 12, 2017

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Great Train Show Portland OR 01-28-2017, album created on January 30, 2017

Pictures from the Great Train Show in Portland, OR on January 28, 2017

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