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  • Zoo Bombing Bikes

    Erica tells me you take these tiny bikes and ride them down steep hills. No thank you!

  • Untitled Fountain Lee Kelly 1977

    I really dislike late 70s sculptures.

  • Talos 2 James Lee Hansen 1959-1968

    I didn't realize how old some of these art pieces in downtown were until I started reading the plaques closely.

  • Red Lion Inn Mural

    This is a hidden mural, too. I saw for the first time recently. Outside the Red Lion Inn, a nifty dive bar with free pool on Sundays in Lents. Artist unknown.

  • Hidden Flower Mural

    Portland has a ton of little art tucked away in the most unlikely places. I can't read the artist on this one, but there's a "Mona" in the corner. This is above a flower shop, too. Clever.

  • Daddy Longlegs by Mel Katz 2006

    Eh, they're only moderately long, if you ask me.

  • Chanting for Justice

    As per usual, we did a lot of chanting together. I chose this picture because I love the enthusiasm of the two women in the center and front right.

  • Street Visibility

    We were on the sidewalk by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, which is one of the main arteries just across the river from downtown Portland, OR. Many people and industry drivers honked their horns in support!

  • Signs Signs Signs

    At the end of the speeches, the organizers asked the people with signs to line up along the street.

  • SEIU Lends Support

    SEIU was holding their own rally, backing some local union organizing. They marched past us, slapping hands and doing call and response with us. It was awesome!

  • Midst of the March

    We did a short march to one of the entrances to the convention center. I'm roughly in the middle here.

  • Gathering Together

    The rally began, appropriately enough, at the statue for Dr. King, at one of the main intersections of the street named for him. Happy as always to see the ACLU out there to ensure we were safe!

  • Classic Look (filter)

    As a student of American history, I know well that the work we do today to save our country from fascism is right in the footsteps of my idols, like Dr. King. So I filtered this one accordingly. (Side note: Windows 10 photo filters look really good!)

  • Irony or Solidarity

    Are they supporting their fellow turkeys or just losing out on potential revenue?

  • For Costumers Only

    This is taking support of cosplayers a bit too far, don't you think?

  • Then Recycle It

    From a West Virginia road stop, I think. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Smile Damn You

    Because everyone who visits the other 49 states just frowns all the time?

  • No Swimming

    Or we'll chop off everything below your neck!

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