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Beijing 2018, album created on September 20, 2018

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Auckland 2018, album created on July  2, 2018

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Parliament of Victoria Open Day 2018, album created on March 21, 2018

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Christel Ehretsmann goandgo Berny Janusz M. Ghislaine Gisela Plewe Chrissy aNNa schramm Jean Marie Bailly jd weiss Heidiho Judith Jannetta Gerrit Fischer Xata, stargazing... Thérèse Sylvain Wiart ©hristine (in/off) Wilm Janano - Anne-Marie(Minus) Claudine Gaulier-Denis Joachim Schmidt Damir Neil Johansson Cheryl Beal Gabi Lombardo TRIPOD MAN raingirl

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Sylvain Wiart
Sylvain Wiart
something intelligent :
an useful link before the end of Ipernity :
21 months ago.
quick, say something intelligent, well ok ... I'll follow your lead ;-)
3 years ago.
Dominique-Lucy Renson
Dominique-Lucy Renso…
ah ! i can't really say "something intelligent"... that's why i make photos ;)
3 years ago.
Salut Kulturnik. Merci de ton passage.Tes images de chateau et d'édifices sont très bonnes. Bon dimanche.
3 years ago.
Bon soir. Merci de ton passage. remarquebles tes photo de dessins antiques.. Have a nice weekend
3 years ago.

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