Group: Vintage Photos & Postcards

The Man with the Iron Mask—Walking Round the World

Footrace Photo Finish?

Mr. E. H. White, Calling Card with Photograph

Getting the Pumpkin Ready for Halloween

Dr. LeGear, Largest Horse in the World

Mary and Her Little Lamb

Girl with Parasol

Harvest Home Display with Minister

Posing among the Posies

Dalmatian Pups in Boots on Engine No. 13

Cosmopolitan Club, Springfield College, 1926

Schoolkids with Their Christmas Tree

Greetings from the Grange Encampment and Fair, Cen…

The Nebraska Corn Crop Was Not a Tee-total Failure…

Accordion Kids

A Small Crowd on a Big Rock

Three on a Chevy, 1922

Pacific Tour Bus No. 14, Cliff House, San Francisc…

Our Queen

Mirror Photo of a Little Girl Standing on a Chair

Merit Gas Station and Dixie Cup Factory, Easton, P…

Dolls and Bears

Orphans Home Band, Loysville, Pa.

Helen and Mary, Friedens, Pa., Aug. 28, 1907

Backyard Swingers, July 1965

Children with Their Dog and Toys

Playing Indian and Fishing with a Dog in a Rowboat