Group: Vintage Photos & Postcards

Greetings for Halloween—Invitation for Revelry on…

Halloween Mischief—What the Boys Did to the Cow

Lewis Walker Company Office, 1925

Quirky Costumed Couple

Don't Take My Picture

Merry Halloween

Motorcycle Mama and Papa

A Teacher on Her Way to School in Her Own Private…

Souvenir Photo of Man and Woman at the Wawona Tree

Simply Simon with Some Piemen Going to a Fair?

Don't Get Carried Away!

A Pair of Parcheesi-Playing Posers

You Have the Key That Fits My Heart

Girl with Unique Hair

Clarence and His Marching Band on Labor Day in Bri…

Labor Day Photo from Elitch Gardens, 1905

Boy with School Cone, Reichenbach im Vogtland, Ger…

My First Day of School, April 19, 1922

Man and Woman with Their Dog

Chicago and North-Western Railway Station, Des Moi…

The King Cometh

Ella and Her Husband on the Front Steps of Their N…

Mugging for the Camera at Café Bauer, Garmisch

Fourth of July Parade, Liberty, Maine, 1908

Haines Shoe House Snapshot

Small Shoe, 1882. Big Shoe, 1926.


Woman at the Cawston Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena,…