Group: Vintage Photos & Postcards

Woman at the Cawston Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena,…

Women and Kids in Front of a House

A Fiddler and His Parents

Light Music

Automobile in Flooded Street, Warren, Pennsylvania…

Tornado Damage, South Otselic, New York, June 12,…

Girl, Dog, and Man in Front of a House


On a Toot in Chicago, Illinois, January 18, 1908

Penn State Engineering Students on Parade, ca. 191…

Where We Learn to Be Wise at Pine Island, Minnesot…

National Day - Oslo 1955

British R34 Airship, July 1919


Flying High in Pittsburgh

Cutting the Cake in '58


Girl Reading the North American Newspaper

Easter Serenade for the Picnic Chicks

Jockey Chicks at the Easter Rabbit Race

Looking Through the News

The Cowboy Kid at Sidewalk Ranch

April 1st—The Sweetest Kiss

Benched at Black Diamond Camp

Better Than Haying

Smooching in the Yard

Elmer and Clair

Saint Patrick's Day Greetings with a Heart and a H…