Group: Vintage Photos & Postcards

Saint Patrick's Day Greetings

Claude J. Diliplane—If You Put This Alongside the…

Happy Tinted Birthday

Slide Takeover

Two-Headed Man

Grand View Ship Hotel—A Steamer in the Allegheny M…

Three Kids in the Yard



I Want You To Be My Valentine

The Salesman—He Nags You Until You Must Buy

Girl with Bicycle, Dog, and Puppies

Girl Holding Photo and Standing on Chair

Snowball Fight

Two Cowboys and a Policeman at Brother Jones' Gin…

Faceless Family CDV

Man with Alligators and Coconut Tree, Miami, Flori…

Snow Lady

Brick Baby Buggy

Cloyd in Front of the House, Xmas 1961

My Wife's Gone to the Country

Hearty Partiers

A Happy New Year

Bear on a Car

Home Sweet Home—A Quiet Sunday

Merry Lemony Christmas

Santa Claus in Athens, Greece, December 30, 1961