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A very strange situation

Elderly Hiker

Days gone by 1969

Dominican Republic, The Road in the Jungle of East…


HBM---Hand in Hand--Februari Love

Attack of,.....

It still smolder (dia-scan)

What happened ?

Albania, Vlorë, The Path to the Entrance to the Ca…

Sit opposite Ruïne castle Jan van Eyck (Hbm)

HBm - Im Kurgarten Aachen (d)

AEROSCOPIA Toulouse-Blagnac, Airbus A 380

Chemin rose / Pink path [ON EXPLORE]

Albania, Vlorë, Ascent Stairs to the Entrance to t…

HFF-for everyone 30 april 2021 beside the mud pat…

HFF- in stone below aesculus hippo castanum

The silence of the shadows

Genoa Falls

Albania, Vlorë, Ruins of the Castle of Kaninë

Dog and Iphone always with me

Ford (Lombergerbeek / Voortweg)

Albania, Vlorë, Serpentine Road to Climb the Castl…


HFF in the night---enlarge