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  • Scotch Thistle

    This is Scotch Thistle, an invasive and troublesome plant here. There are areas of our yard where the grandchildren cannot play because of it and my wife has spent a great deal of time trying to eradicate it.

  • Arrowleaf Balsamroot

    Also known as the Okanagan Sunflower, this plant with its flowers covers and brightens whole hillsides in the spring. It is found in the woods and along the roads near our home. The plant was important to the native people and a specimen was collected b…

  • Orange Meadowhawk

    This dragonfly, which I've identified as an Orange Meadowhawk was photographed on one of our daily walks in the area around our home.

  • Gone to Seed

    This is the seed head of Meadow Salsify, not a native plant but very common in our area and photographed on one of our daily walks.

  • Blue-eyed Darner

    Here's another dragonfly photographed on one of daily walks, this a Blue-eyed Darner. I wasn't around yesterday because we were hiking again, this time in the North Cascades. We hiked about 11 miles up to Cutthroat Pass and back. Photos to follow next…

  • So Beautiful.

    Holding hands is a tell tale sign of love and affection.

  • Proud Papa.

    Yep.....no doubt about it...this is one proud papa...and one very lucky dog.

  • Stefan, 23.

    Leslie Watts is a local South Western Ontario Artist. Friend of Robin Muller. This is a portrait of her son Stefan, age 23, completed in egg tempera on panel, 20 x 16. B.P. Portrait Award 2014 NES. www.lesliewatts.ca

  • "Astrid" - Robin Muller - decorated Canadian Artist.

    Robin Muller is a personal friend of mine. We have known each other for decades. Robin became an acquaintance through a mutual friend Douglas Hale.(deceased 2001) I own a large panel of Robins 4' x 5', as Douglas sat for this picture called "The Decker…

  • Un coeur protecteur ... / A protective heart

    Comme 3 petits oisillons au centre du cœur. Belle semaine à venir
    By Eve

  • Gorgé de soleil ....

    Hydrangea paniculata (Hortensia panicule), , contrairement aux autres on le retrouve non seulement en Chine et Taiwan, mais aussi en Japon. Dans leur pays d’origine ils peuvent atteindre une hauteur de 6 à 7 m, mais dans notre région ils restent plus in…
    By Eve

  • Jérusalem - Scène de vie (7)

    Street worker

  • Eastern gray squirrel

    Eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). This one seems to have an injured ear.

  • Baby raccoon in a pear tree

    I imagine his mother told him to stay there until she returned.

  • Pearl crescent or silver checkerspot butterfly

    Pearl crescent (Phyciodes tharos) or silver checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis). I can't tell which species it is. Richard Brown of the Entomology Dept. at Mississippi State University says he can't separate the two species without checking their collection. T…

  • Common buckeye butterfly

    Junonia coenia

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