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  • Removed from the group "Beautiful Capture?"!!

    - 8 years ago - 2 comments
    Did I step on someone's toes? What's up with the mail I received below and why can't I contact the administrators??? It's a private group - of which I was a member - but there is no one to contact! "Hello TigerHead, You have been removed from the group Beautiful Capture. This decision may constitute a first warning or maybe you don't have any more activity in this group? Anyway you'll always have the possibility of joining again this group. If you wish to get further explanation a…

  • Out this week

    - April  2, 2010 - 2 comments
    Dear Friends - I've been unavailable to anyone for the whole week and continue to feel a bit out of sorts. This morning, we buried our dear friend of many years - one with whom we had dinner out with just two weeks ago today. She expired on Tuesday afternoon but due to the observance of Passover, was finally put in the ground today. The eulogy, if you could call it that, was dignified but again, due to the observance of Passover was deliberately kept short. Only three persons were perm…