Did I step on someone's toes? What's up with the mail I received below and why can't I contact the administrators??? It's a private group - of which I was a member - but there is no one to contact!

"Hello TigerHead,

You have been removed from the group Beautiful Capture.

This decision may constitute a first warning or maybe you don't have any more activity in this group?
Anyway you'll always have the possibility of joining again this group.

If you wish to get further explanation about this decision we suggest that you contact one of the administrators of Beautiful Capture. "

Well, I would, if I knew to whom I should inquire.

"This group is private!

You need an invitation to join this group."

Is this one of those groups that is angry at the moment? Does anyone know?

My job keeps me from spending as much time as I would like here on Ipernity and out in the world taking pictures. I do try, however, to turn out some work, snap some shots and enjoy the beautiful and talented people's work that can be found in this community.