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By Steve Paxton

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Follow the straight old line.

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By Annemarie

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Sankt Jakob.

Have a great wednesday:) ***************************** St Jakob was first documented in 1300, but it is highly probable that this originally very simple structure was built on the site of a former mountain sanctuary. St Jakob church as it appears today owes its features to a reconstruction in Gothic style which was undertaken in the early 16th century when the building was fitted with pointed-arch windows and doors. In the simple interior with polygonal chancel, a stonemason's mark with the date 1510 can be seen. During renovation work carried out in 1970 fragments of frescoes dating back to the 17th century were discovered.

By José Manuel Polo

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Gente con ganas de calle

Gente con ganas de calle. Aspecto que presentaba el Puerto Viejo de Algorta al mediodía del pasado domingo un poco más abajo que la fotografía precedente. Costaba salir del atasco humano. Las mesas de la terraza son de uno de los bares. Que tengan una semana soleada como está haciendo aquí, la pasada y esta.

By Ulrich John

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By Xata

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Picos de Europa, Whose nest ?

By Ernst Doro

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Amsterdamer Brücken

(hochgeladen für die Gruppe Domino )

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By Berny

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Fiume Fella

"Via Tolmezzo" bridge across the Fella river, seen from SS52 Highway bridge. - scanned slide, Minolta X700 see image before for details!

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By Berny

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Fiume Fella

Crossing the Fella river (a tributary of Fiume Tagliamento), which meanders freely in his wide bed. A new album is opened with this image, named "Alpine passes - 1997". A trip on a "Kawasaki VN15 Classic" motorcycle from Graz to Nizza over a lot of Alpine passes in Austria, Italy, Switzeland and France. Most of the images are new scans of slides, taken with my Minolta X700 and geotagged. As you can imagine, this motorcycle is not really the best for mountain roads. The Kawasaki had 1470 ccm (which was the largest engine I ever had), 64 PS, about 320 kg weight, build year 1996. Starting in Graz I forgot to put a film in the camera, so this bridge was the point of enlightenment ;-)) Some passes already crossed at this point with the empty camera: 1. Soboth, 1070 m, Austria - day 1 2. Wurzenpass, 1073 m, Austria-Sloveina - day 1 3. Vršič-Pass, 1611 m, Slovenia - day 1 4. Predilpass, 1156 m, Slovenia-Italy - day 2 5. Neveasattel, 1195 m, Italy - day 2

By Berny

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1932 Puch 250 Sport

The last image of the recent "Motomania"-series. Probably for most of you it was a little bit boring, but I wanted to document all the bikes since 1972, which I never did before. Unfortunately there were two unforeseeable "events" in my life in 1990 and 2000, which forced me to sell almost all of these oldtimers. For the following motorcycles which I owned, I couldn't find any photos: 1935 Puch 500 V (incomplete) 1936 Puch 200 1937 Puch 250 R 1938 BMW R66 (incomplete) 1939 Zündapp K 500 1939 Meister/Sachs 98 1940 Puch 350 GS 1955 Triumph Boss 350
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