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It's all holes!

A very old and rusted water tank. It's full of holes, some matched by others on the far side (light spots) and others without an opposite match. Best viewed large. On with the bushranger story. The "Special Constables" (bounty hunters) tried to pass themselves off as surveyors - but clearly knew nothing of the area near Braidwood and did not even have a theodolite. Needless to say, nobody was taken in! Not long after their arrival, as they sat around their campfire at night, some people fired a few sh…



This Braidwood building is named "Tidmarsh". The house has been restored to its original condition in recent years, complete with a shingle roof. HFF and have a great weekend, everyone. Back in the early 1860s this was used as a police barracks. Later it became the residence of the Superintendent in charge of the local police force. With the problems caused by the Clarke gang of bushrangers, the police numbers grew to about 150, by far the largest in any country district. It is worth noting at this…


Sunset on the Shoalhaven

An evening view of the upper Shoalhaven valley, the setting for much of the bushranger story, taken from our former property. View large. In mid-1866, the government appointed three bounty hunters as "Special Constables" to find and apprehend the bushrangers. After operating, supposedly secretly, they proved ineffective and were withdrawn. In September 1866, a second party of four were given "Special Constable" status. Heading to Braidwood, they pretended they were in the area as surveyors and set up ca…


In the forest

Creek and forest in what is now the Monga National Park. Back to my bushranger story about the Clarke brothers gang, as this was in the area they travelled. After the Nerrigundah shooting, Tom Clarke and his uncle Pat Connell were declared outlaws. Not long after the gang made a second raid on Mudmelong, a police party found the bushrangers' camp in the bush. While several escaped, Connell was shot when he attempted to ride away. A few months later, his brother Tom Connell was captured. Explored.


Remembrance Day centenary ...

Some of the knitted poppies outside the Australian National War Memorial, commemorating Australians lost in WW1. But a far larger number of survivors carried scars for life. Lest we forget, indeed - but have we learned? Here's a relevant musical link. Stitched panorama, best viewed large.


Araluen Valley

A very wide (180 degree) panorama of the Araluen Valley and its surrounds. When the bushrangers visited this area (see PiP/previous image), they retreated back into the hills in the centre. View large. HFF and have a great weekend. Explored.



Back in the 1860s, in the Araluen Valley, there was a little gold mining settlement called Mudmelong, somewhere near where the distant house is sited. On the night of 23 February 1866, the Clarke bushranger gang took over the hotel there. When the four local police tried to capture the bushrangers in the hotel, things went badly astray - and the bushrangers captured the police. Oops! (After the bushrangers left, the police were able to return home next day).


Little visitor

I was delighted to find this little visitor in our garden today. It is an Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog and only about 20mm long. Interestingly, this was further south than the reference suggests it should be found. This has to be the link. I think Pam would enjoy this too! Explored.


Canberra French Car Day

Today a drive of about 200km each way with the Peugeot 505 for the Canberra French Car Day. More images (by phone, I forgot my camera!) in the PiPs. The Peugeot 203 wagon in the first PiP took out best Peugeot and best car in the show.
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