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09 May 2021

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Two fences

In a low-lying area, this little lake develops whenever there has been a recent drop of rain. Can you pick out the two fences? HFF and best wishes for the weekend, everyone.

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09 May 2021

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Where are the fairies?

I'd seen photos of Fly Agaric toadstools overseas, but although I had read that they have found their way to Australia, these were the first I'd seen. Apparently they usually grow near pine trees and that was indeed the case, but I had been led to believe that they are associated with fairies. Maybe if I'd taken a bite I'd have also seen those as these apparently have hallucinogenic properties. :-) See also PiP (copied below).

09 May 2021

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Grevillea flower

For the Macro Mondays group, 10 May 2021, subject 204 "Symmetry". This Grevillea flower comes pretty close. :-)

21 Mar 2011

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Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in Australia, so I thought I'd share this image of my lovely wife Pauline with our youngest grandson, taken some years ago. Yesterday, Saturday 8 May, was World Ovarian Cancer Day and, as that is what took Pauline away almost two months ago, I am also sharing the following item.

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01 May 2021

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Looking back

This huge boulder almost defines Quiriga Beach. Taken looking back toward where I took an image posted several days ago (see below/PiP) where it can be seen in the distance.

06 May 2021

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Falling flowers

Heavy rain over the past few days (about 150mm) with some wind has damaged many of the flowers on the camellias, leaving a carpet of petals. HFF and best wishes for the weekend, everyone.

05 May 2021

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Autumn flowering

Our camellias are flowering. Second image in the PiP.

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01 May 2021

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Quiriga Beach

The first day of our autumn was perfect for a walk in the Murramarang National Park along Quiriga Beach. Pop this up large and dip your toes in the water. :-)

03 May 2021

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Shopping time!

For the Macro Mondays group, 26 April 2021, subject 203 "Something you need for shopping" I won't pretend to enjoy shopping, so when I go it's always with a list so I can grab what's needed and escape as quickly as possible. :-))
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