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21 Jun 2022

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"Endeavour" in Sydney

The Australian National Maritime Museum has a replica of HMS Endeavour , the ship used by Captain Cook in 1770 to map the eastern coast of Australia. In the foreground one of Sydney's catamaran ferries. See also PiP.

04 Jul 2022

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For "Macro Mondays" group topic #264, 4 July 2022 "Pins" "Pins are usually pieces of jewellery made of base metal that are pinned to the lapel. They often have a decorative function, but can also underline the affiliation (for example to a club or a company). " (I'd call it a badge, but I guess that's a matter of translations).

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21 Jun 2022

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Barangaroo benches

Across Darling Harbour from the maritime museum (and with the James Craig in the background) the Barangaroo area of Sydney, formerly run-down warehouses and shipping wharves, has been the scene of major redevelopment over recent years. A second image in the PiP. Happy Bench Monday, everyone.

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21 Jun 2022

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The James Craig

The James Craig is a three masted steel hulled barque built in 1875. I remember seeing her, long ago, as a rusting hulk on a beach in Tasmania. Finally she was refloated, towed to Sydney, and restored by volunteers. She now is at the Sydney Maritime Museum and does regular trips out to sea. Much more info on her here.

21 Jun 2022

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The bridge

Also known locally as "the coathanger", this has defined Sydney since its construction in the 1930s . Taken in the early days of my recent travels. Happy Fence Friday, everyone, and have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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28 Jun 2022

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Hobart sunrise

Needs to be viewed large on black. Showing the port area of Hobart viewed from the hotel room, at sunrise on the day of my departure from Hobart. A stitched panorama.

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22 Jun 2022

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Bruny Isthmus

Bruny Island is near the southern end of Tasmania. Its northern and southern ends are joined by this isthmus with a viewing platform where this image was taken. I'm having a very pleasant time on my trip, but will be away (and offline) for a little longer. Meanwhile, best wishes everyone and do have a very Happy Fence Friday.

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07 May 2022

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Sea Cliff Bridge

This bridge is well known (at least in Australia). Yes, there's a fence too, though you will have to enlarge to see it. It's more visible in the PiP, taken on the bridge. I expect I'll be largely offline for a while as I shall be travelling. For now, all my best wishes for a very Happy Fence Friday and a great weekend, everyone.

15 Jun 2022

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Next stop Johannesburg

Qantas flight QF63, taken just over 12 hours ago, at 34,000 ft about 30 minutes from its Sydney departure. It has been en route across the southern Indian Ocean to South Africa and, as I post this, still has another 1.5 hours to travel before arrival. The aircraft is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.
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