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The National Carillon

The National Carillon stands 50 metres tall and holds 55 bells, from 7kg to 6 tonnes. It was a gift from the British government to Australia, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the national capital, Canberra. It was officially opened in April 1970. I rather feel that the bicycle racks were a somewhat later addition. :-) I'm about to head away for a few weeks from this weekend, so I expect to be an occasional visitor at best. HFF and have a great weekend, everyone.


I haven't posted a classic car for a while. This is the (recently acquired) Peugeot 505GTI from 1985. How about this for a musical link? Explored.


The High Court

Australia's High Court building, another example of the "Concrete Brutalism" architectural fashion. I'd have to say it does look as if the concrete could stand cleaning. :-) Best viewed large. Explored.


National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia's national Capital, opened in 2008 and won an architectural award in 2009. I gather it attracts about half a million visitors yearly. Explored.


The weir

An irrigation weir, somewhere in the Riverina district of western New South Wales. Pick your own fence! HFF and have a great weekend, everyone. Explored.

More camellias

I was testing the "macro" (really a close focus) setting on a newly acquired (30 year old) lens. It did fairly well, I thought. And, of course, it needs a musical link. :-) Explored.


Yellow-throated Miner

These are found across most of Australia west of the Great Dividing Range (ie the east coast). They are part of the honeyeater family.


The basket press

To finish my series from the Rockford winery, here is the traditional style "Basket Press" used to extract the juice from the grapes. Unfortunately it was not in action when I visited. The note shows a bottle of Rockford's prized "Basket Press Shiraz" from 2006. Which leads to this musical link. HFF and have an enjoyable weekend, everyone. Explored.

Visiting wattlebird

A Little Wattlebird perching on our garden furniture.
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