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In Tingha

Tingha was once a thriving tin mining village. The tin mining has gone, as have most of the people. This was taken from the residence (see PiP) for the general store, which now is a museum and heritage listed. We visited in the course of our car club gathering. HFF and have a great weekend, everyone.


4CV Muster

Just home from a busy Easter, with a trip of 1,000km each way to the biennial Renault 4CV Muster, the national gathering in Australia of owners of the Renault 4CV and its derivatives such as the Floride/Caravelle and R8/R10. It's essentially a great social occasion and I should add that some travel much further than we did! Explored.



With the sunset fading into dusk, I headed back along the path near St Ives to our hotel. Today I shall be heading off again for a week and expect that I will have infrequent opportunities to be online. Have a great Easter weekend, everyone. Explored.



Some of our most pleasant memories of Paris were of a late afternoon organ recital in Notre Dame. What dreadful news today.


Coast sunset

I was delighted with the sunset as I walked along the clifftops near St Ives. Best viewed large. Explored.


Walking the escarpment

Along the Cornwall escarpment near St Ives at sunset. HFF and have a great weekend, everyone. Explored.

Tiny Dragon

This very young Eastern Water Dragon was in our garden, watching me and hoping that it wouldn't be seen if it stayed still. It was only about 75mm long, when adult it will grow to something like 80-90cm.


St Ives sunset, surfers and shadows

Sunset at St Ives. As it was late winter, I was surprised at the number of surfers (you may need to view large to see them). Explored.



Stitched panorama of Tintagel Castle ruins, closed for the construction of a new footbridge (see note) when we visited. Best viewed large.
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