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11 Sep 2011

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Silk #2

This woman was busily spinning silk. There was clearly a lot of skill involved in getting the results with this basic equipment. The PiP shows some skeins of silk in the silk shop where my earlier Silk #1 images were taken.

11 Sep 2011

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Silk #1

A young lady in Laos dyeing silk thread. The PiPs show silk cocoons being heated in water and silkworm moths. The silkworms encase themselves in a cocoon of silk thread and, to remove it, the cocoon needs to be heated in water. Long ago, when I was a kid, many of us used to raise silkworms and remove the thread just this way - I suspect few kids do it now that electronic games are here!

11 Sep 2011

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The new Dragon Boat

From the appearance of the timber off-cuts and shavings around it, this racing Dragon Boat had just been completed. Shortly after I took this image, the crew arrived to take it for a run on the Mekong River (see PiPs). It seems that Dragon Boat racing is very popular on the river, as we saw crews out training at several places. Explored.

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11 Sep 2011

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Pak Ou caves

Upstream on the Mekong River from Luang Prabang are the Pak Ou caves. They're now a tourist destination, but for aeons they have been a revered Buddhist shrine where people have left statues of the Buddha, some now exceedingly old. (See the PiPs.) Best viewed large. Click here for a view from the caves. HFF everyone, stay safe and have a great weekend. Explored.

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11 Sep 2011

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Novice monk

This young novice monk was inside the door of a Buddhist temple. Outside, the entry wall had been painted over many years with layers of murals (see PiP1) while a large drum to summon worshippers was also there (PiP 2).

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11 Sep 2011

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Let's get some water

Boats on the Mekong River, Laos, upstream from Luang Prabang.

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16 May 2020

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Australian Magpie

I was walking alongside the road through our local nature reserve when some friends came by in their car. They stopped and we chatted, when along came this Australian magpie and landed on the car roof. It is one of the local family whose territory this is, and they are very friendly to visitors (this way they are usually given treats). Best wishes to everyone for the solstice, wherever you are.

17 Jun 2020

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White carpet

Our camellias are in flower (see also PiP), with petals falling all around creating a white carpet. HFF, stay safe and have a great weekend, everyone.

11 Sep 2011

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Woven wonders

In the same village with the rice wine, this lady was busily weaving marvellous creations, as seen here and in the PiP, in a very basic thatched hut with an earthen floor. Best viewed large.
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