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By klaus 040

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90 Jahre Unterschied (8xPiP)

Macro Monday #164 am 03.08.2020 - Thema: Gegensatz: alt/neu Fast 120 Jahre alt: Hochzeitsgeschenke von 1904 für die Grossmutter meiner Frau. Die Edelstahllöffel sind aber auch schon aus dem letzten Jahrhundert (1994)!

By Fred Fouarge

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Old and new

Macro Mondays 3 -8-2020

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By Ulrich John

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Java: Tempelanlage Prambanan

Der Prambanan ist die größte hinduistische Tempelanlage Indonesiens. Sie besteht aus mehr als 250 Einzeltempeln, die sich um den 47m hohen Haupttemplel gruppieren. Erbaut um 850 , ist die Anlage seit 1991 UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe. Die Legende sagt: ein Prinz freite um die schöne Prinzessin Loro Djonggang, die ihn jedoch verschmähte. Sie stellte ihm die Aufgabe, in einer Nacht 1000 Tempel zu errichten; wenn er dies schaffen würde, stände einer Heirat nichts im Wege. Mit Hilfe diverser Dämonen gelang es ihm bis kurz vor Sonnenaufgang 999 Tempel fertigzustellen, worauf die Prinzessin große Feuer anzünden ließ, die den beginnenden Tag vortäuschen sollten und machte damit dem Prinzen glauben, dass er die Aufgabe nicht gelöst hätte. Aus Wut und Rache verwandelte dieser die Prinzessin in den 1000sten und größten Tempel.

By Herb Riddle

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The Wonders of Mallorca: Port de Sóller – Misty Morning.

2014: A brief one week visit to Port de Sóller on the Baleriac Island of Mallorca (Marjorca) brings back happy memories. I took many photos as usual and I present to you now some of those. This first one was taken from our hotel front after a night of heavy rain with thunder and lightning. Behind the port promenade frontage is a natural wilderness and steep mountain foothills. The lighting effect here is caused by thick ground mist in the fields rising to obscure the hillside trees which can just be made out. Enjoy full size.

By Gillian Everett

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215/366 Minimal clear glass

Sunday challenge - Glass with minimalism e.g. vase with flowers Oh dear, was supposed to take "Glass with minimalism" e.g. vase and flowers. Forgot about the minimalism part, see PiP. Took a second minimal version :-) the flowers are a bit busy, coastal wattle, flowering everywhere now. Then saw Marj's post, should be CLEAR GLASS... off to take ANOTHER photo... Here it is...

By Gillian Everett

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214/366 create your own bokeh

Yikes, August already! Callenge- Custom bokeh... The Brief: This week, we will create our own bokeh shape... you can influence the shape by creating your own aperture in front of the lens. I used this guide, and a diamond shape :-) www.picturecorrect.com/tips/how-to-do-shaped-bokeh-photog...

By Gillian Everett

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Coastal Wattle

Oh dear, was supposed to take "Glass with minimalism" e.g. vase and flowers. Forgot about the minimalism part. Just off to take a minimal version :-)

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By Jean

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The palace gates. 214/366

Last night I read an article on how to get things done. The idea was to list everything you need to do and want to do. Not to allocate them slots in your diary. Just list them. This frees you from niggling worries and feelings of failure when things don't get done. The idea appealed and being a bit of a notebook freak I found a nice unused one and made a list. Quite useful as I remembered things to do that had been forgotten about. The result was quite long. This morning I read it and actually began to do some of the easier and more fun things. Plucked my eyebrows, tidied up my hair and hoovered up the clippings. Bought a couple of books and some posh extra wide bias binding. Also a cotton nightdress which I've been meaning to buy for months. Checked out the recycling and found they are not accepting textiles or glass which is what I want rid of. Of course I did the usual bed changing and wet wall cleaning and washing. Drafted a letter to the French pension office. I'm supposed to get a Justice of the Peace to attest that I am still alive and they are not seeing people because of coronavirus. Wrote a letter explaining this and then discovered that Windows 10 has decided to ignore my printer. Spent ages trying to sort this out and only gave up when I realised I was about to have a hysterical fit. Made some tea and began to seed my final black mask and eat too many biscuits. Luckily Linda phoned. She and Donald had a good time at Aviemore and I am organising another trip to the Japanese garden with her and Margaret. We're opting for after August 11th when the schools will be back. The bad news is that Linda has some fast growing cataracts. She's got new glasses and is OK just now but in three months she may not be. At the moment she's on a waiting list to be seen by an eye specialist. By the time I came off the phone my to do list was abandoned for the day and my photography didn't fare well either. My mask did though and is progressing apace. And tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll succeed in crossing a few more things off my list provided I don't get into a stooshie again with Windows 10 and the printer.

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By Arlequin Photographie

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