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By Malik Raoulda

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Bon Dimanche.

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By Marije Aguillo

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Calle Ulica Mariacka

Calle Ulica Mariacka (Gdansk-Polonia). Prácticamente arrasada durante la guerra, en los años 70 la calle -incluidas fachadas, escalinatas, rejas y rótulos- fue meticulosamente reconstruida. En ella se concentran hoy la mayoría de las tiendas de recuerdos y joyas de ámbar.

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By Andy Rodker

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The heavy gear gets to work on the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

The old-look (and iconic) stadium will soon take on a completely different appearance.

By appo-fam

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By appo-fam

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By Jean

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Hoverfly eye's view. 221/366

Beautiful sunshine which encouraged me to laze around in the garden hoping for butterflies. I did some gardening but it was nicer to sit in the sun and do nothing. Lots of hoverflies but not a butterfly in sight. By the afternoon it was too hot for me so I came in and did my Saturday chores, wrote to a friend and bought a waterproof. If I am going to be meeting friends outside more I feel I need a coat. I have hillwalking jackets but something longer appeals. I hankered for red and my standards are high. I want properly waterproof not a fashionable rain resistant effort. So red was ditched in favour of a black half price sale effort with taped seams, all the right bells and whistles but otherwise very plain.. Kept going into the garden to check on butterflies and a peacock appeared but was very uncooperative. Next week I must go into the Palace gardens. They have a high wall and are sheltered and there are usually butterflies to be found. And I'm missing the garden. It's over a year since I've been.

By fifi

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Ce jour-Là

Une volée de moineaux venue du grand nord pour profiter du soleil et de la résurgence.

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By fifi

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Agnes Obel - Riverside www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjncyiuwwXQ

By Annalia S.

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jasmine vs street lamp

Plants move so much slower than us that it is hard to even "picture" them in motion ... I love it when a scene like this brings home the fact that plants are not only alive and moving, but are driven by a will of their own. :)
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