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Point of view ..

- art is many things to many people - so, we find all shapes, sizes, mediums and colors used - can figure out some of these - but, for me - art is to be appreciated - not by standing on my head to figure out - what in blue blazes the artist wants me to see ! - but, that is just my opinion - y'all will each have one - interested to 'hear' your take on these - three sculptures in a park edited in: www.picmonkey.com collage created using overlay option .. © All Rights Reserved

American gothic

- original painting by Grant Wood - this sculpture based on the painting - is in McCall Park, Plant City, FL, US - there are 4 photo overlays - two Gulf Fritillary butterflies - and two Pigeonberry/Duranta repens - added to the main photo - of these somber souls - see if you can find them edited in: www.picmonkey.com en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_gothic © All Rights Reserved

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on exhibit ..

sculptures in the park - almost photographed a bench - but, then the person moved - oops - not a statue ! McCall Park Plant City FL Scavenger Hunt 101 sh 82 a statue collage done in: www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

Flight plan ?

- this 'chrome mosquito' - is downtown - one of the sculptures on Lemon St - some are very abstract - no doubt with this one - yes - bugs are larger in Florida - B-52 sizes sometimes - let's just call this one - artistic license ! edited in: www.picmonkey.com © All rights reserved

sculpture of recycled materials .. Another Link in the Chain ..

Oh, the things you can see .. when you drive downtown ! (c) All Rights Reserved

Twisted . .

not the name of this outdoor sculpture - it looks like painted, industrial materials - made into something else - on the Lemon St Art section - (c) All Rights Reserved

somber ..

- stone carving of an Angel - local cemetery - quite old & weathered - done by a talented person - love the details - no enhancement cropped/signed/framed only in: www.picmonkey.com © All Rights Reserved

Horse Parts .. Recycled ..

- what used to be is no more - yet, these recycled parts become whole again - in different form - a sculpture in the Park © All rights reserved

- a different breed -- Another Link in the Chain - linking red firetruck to red flowers --

-- made entirely of re-purposed material -- this sculpture is [ 2010 ] in Central Park, Winter Haven Florida 1 note added -- © All rights reserved
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