Reflecting in the water..

Reflections ..

..reflections in any body of water ..reflections of thoughts ..maybe I just think it fits in here! © All rights reserved

Reflections ...

of Lake Mac - peaceful - a wonderful place to visit - have a picnic - or - do absolutely nothing - but - listen to leaves rustle - as a soft breeze - passes through them - and - an occasional splash in the lake - fish - or one of the resident Mallard families - viewing this photo, all those memories surround my senses - May you all have a place to visit that will keep your mind alive, yet peaceful .. even if memories .. taken in 2016

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Through the branches ..

colors of kayaks and canoes - reflections in the waters - of Lake Mac - slight ripples - peace - have been many times - with Pam J - and my Sister-In-Law - and solo trips - 2 PiP

Thoughts on a rainy day ... When it is colder in North Pole, AK --- something is wrong with the Universe !

- to the day

Taken in Florida on 25 April 2010 - Under a tree in MJ's yard - MJ was our dance instructor - We all gathered at her home for a dance party / photo shoot - Wearing my usual attire - Boots - Jeans - Purple shirt - All comfortable - MJ found this and sent it to me - " there are few photos of you because you were usually behind the lens " - True words - The TCGs and Drummers - in the Florida album ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-327 - PHOTO OF YOU - TAKEN BY SOMEONE ELSE

2011 -

“Hold fast to dreams - For if dreams die - Life is a broken-winged bird - That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams - For when dreams go - Life is a barren field - Frozen with snow.” - from the poem 'Dreams' by - Langston Hughes - photo of lake at Peterson Park, Florida, US © All rights reserved The thoughts/photo idea came from this e-publication of Our State magazine - All about the Great North State - North Carolina - full of history, humor, recipes - and things not found in history books. When the tape of Martin Luther King, Jr was located - I was hooked on where, how, when it happened. Hope you get to read the history !

Merry Christmas ~

- from me - to you - may your days continue to be filled with Wonder - hearts engulfed in Joy - may we all "..keep the ability to see beauty .." (partial quote from Franz Kafka ..1883-1924) Light Painting ~ 2011 Christmas Tree ~ -Archive Airings - AA23 - Let's put up the Decorations!- © All rights reserved

Memories of Live Music ...

Lights and Glitz of the Season - 2014 At Lyrics during a break in Holiday Music

- imagination - -

the things we can do .. just step outside the 'box' .. start with one toe .. the others will follow .. pale blue Florida sky .. with a 'day moon' .. head over to PicMonkey group .. change pale blue to night .. then, hit the new Textures .. find one that you like .. frame .. sign .. Voila' !! imagination only is bound .. by us .. have a great week .. and .. IMAGINE !! edited in: Archive Airings AA-309 Imagination ! © All Rights Reserved

Somebody said ....

Your daughter will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. © All rights reserved ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-306-THEN AND NOW * 1 PiP *
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